The reason we all do this

Updated: Jan 19

I think the thing that attracts musicians to keep staying in music, against all odds, against how hard it is to be a professional musician, is that MOMENT.

That moment of flow, of connection, of unmasking all these layers of the world and society, of other people, of seemingly touching other people, of forgetting where you are and who you are. at that moment we are all one.

It might sound loony, but anyone who has experienced this knows what i’m talking about.

You feel like you’re drinking the nectar of life. you feel near to some kind of a god, even if you’ve never believed in one. people you hate become your best friends. it gives you faith in humans and the rest of the world.

We're all chasing that moment. that high, that chord, that note, that groove.

In that moment, in that very THING is the reason why we all do this.

Santanio Jackson - backstage before playing with Jacob Collier

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